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The Communications Committee designs, publishes, and monitors various media communications, such as the newsletter, website, email correspondence, social media and road signs.
Newsletter Electronic Communications Publicity
Joyce Craw Lindsay LeBrecht Cherie Berk
Jed Luchow (editor)* Jim Murphy Jim Murphy*

Sharon Luchow**
Barbara Rindler
Liz Nealon*
Barbara Rindler
Deborah Sprague
Ed Werfelman
Debra Ruggieri
Anne Weisholtz**

The Education Committee is responsible for the design, writing, and dissemination of educational materials, and the presentation of educational programs for the membership.
Cherie Berk Maria Powers*
Barbara Bunger**
Debra Ruggieri
Liz Nealon

The Finance Committee supports the functions of the treasurer, including the creation of an annual budget, the purchase and review of insurance policies, year end audit, bookkeeping, and filing of tax returns.
Jim Murphy Debra Ruggieri
Jennifer Oliveira Ed Werfelman*
Barbara Rindler

The Fundraising Committee designs, proposes and organizes activities designed to raise funds for the organization.
Jackie Bernstein Lindsay LeBrecht

Colleen Closson* Muriel Muldorf Debra Ruggieri
Maria DiSalvo** Jim Murphy Deborah Sprague
Lynn Gelman Jennifer Oliveira Edward Werfelman*
Ilise Zimmerman-Posen

Lake Management     
The Lake Management Committee is responsible for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of information regarding the vitality and maintenance of the waters, shoreline, and watershed of Copake Lake. The Grant Committee (GC) is a sub-committee of Lake Management Committee.
Rick Aluisio** Russ Funk** Buddy Sinisi**
Barbara Bunger** - GC Lindsay LeBrecht Russ Stein* - GC
Fred Bunger* Jed Luchow Stu Troyetsky
David Craw -  GC Gary Mastropolo** Jon Urban**
Brad Dubler** Debra Ruggieri Ed Werfelman
Ron Flaum** - GC Keith Schaefer** Mike Whitcomb**

Ilise Zimmerman-Posen

The Membership Committee maintains a list of membership, addresses, and contribution history; and generates materials that assist in maintaining membership roles.
Debra Ruggieri* All Board Members

Nominating ADHOC
The Nominating Committee is responsible for producing a slate of candidates for the election of trustees, and a slate of candidates for the Officers of the Corporation.
Joyce Craw* Jed Luchow

Ed Werfelman

*Chairperson      **Volunteer

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