As the days get shorter, the air crisper, and the leaves fall upon the lake, many of us are preparing to leave the lake until next Spring. As we begin packing our bags, we MUST keep in mind those important steps we take that will contribute to the safe keeping of the lake over the winter months.
  • DOCKS MUST BE REMOVED FROM LAKE BEFORE FIRST FREEZE. Place them high above water level so they will be safe and secure. If left in the lake, docks can crack and break due to winter ice. When broken they will float into the lake and create a danger for boater and swimmer alike. Pressure treated wood introduces unwanted chemicals into lake and should not be used.
  • REMOVE HAZARDOUS WASTE MATERIALS FROM YOUR PROPERTY. Safely store or dispose of paint cans, gas tanks, and other hazardous materials. If not properly secured, these pollutants could spill onto the land and eventually work their way into the lake.
  • PROPERLY DISPOSE OF LEAVES. Bag or compost the leaves from your yard. Do not rake them into the lake (where they will provide more nutrients for the weeds).
  • FERTILIZE RESPONSIBLY. If you must fertilize, remember it will eventually run-off into the lake, add nutrients to the lake and perpetuate the growth of weeds. Please use low phosphorus fertilizer and/or fertilize less often.
  • BEST PRACTICE FOR DRAINING PIPES. Do not use regular anti-freeze. Standard anti-freeze is hazardous to the lake, fish and plant life. Please purchase an environmentally friendly antifreeze. It’s worth the extra expense.


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