Under New York State's Coastal Erosion Management regulations, development or other actions in erosion hazard areas should be undertaken in a manner that minimizes damage to property and natural protective features, other natural resources, prevent the exacerbation of erosion hazards, and to protect human life.

This means that to make any alterations on or near your shoreline in any way you must get a permit from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) before undertaking any of the following activities: 
  • Placement of sand or any other materials
  • Dredging or removal of  any lake bottom material
  • Large dock construction
  • Construction of retaining walls along shoreline
  • Installation of bottom barrier materials
  • Any other encroachment in the lake
If you have any questions about when you are required to apply for a permit, consult these guidelines from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, or you may call them at (518) 357 2234.

Please do the right thing to protect and preserve our Copake Lake shoreline!


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