Maintain Your Septic System
  • Pump out sludge every 2-3 years for year round use, every 5-6 years for seasonal residents. If there is no sludge, your system is probably not operating correctly.
  • Don’t flush strong cleaning agents.
  • Don’t use your toilet as a waste basket.
  • Don’t use strong commercial agents that claim to clean your septic system.
  • Don’t use an in-sink garbage disposal.
  • Conserve water in the home. (Septic tanks work better with less water)
    • Install water saving devices, e.g. low-flow shower heads.
    • Repair leaky faucets, run dishwashers and washing machines only when full.
    • Retrofit toilets with water saving toilets.

Shoreline Clean-up Tips

  • Leave trees and shrubs along the shoreline.
  • Don’t throw any organic material, incl. leaves, grass clippings, food or potting soil into lake.
  • Protect the emergent GOOD WEEDS at your shoreline. Learn to identify the difference between good and bad weeds.
  • Rake up floating weeds and algae along the shoreline and around your dock. Place in bags and dispose of away from the lake.

Smart Lawn Maintenance Techniques
  • Have a soil test done to know what your lawn needs.
  • Use less fertilizer and fewer pesticides on your lawn.
    • Remember a greener lawn means healthier lake weeds!
    • Use phosphorus-free fertilizer (available at Taconic Valley Lawn and Garden in Hillsdale).
    • Use a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer.
  • If you must water your lawn, use pistol spray heads, water in small amounts, and during the day.


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